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WLC cooks & serves Texas Lions Camp Meal

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

On Sunday, July 23rd, about a dozen Wimberley Lions Club members carpooled to Kerrville to prepare and server a meal for attendees at the Texas Lions Camp. According to the official TLC website, it has been "Providing camping experiences at no charge to children with medical conditions since 1949." Their "no cost to children" policy includes any transportation expenses. The camp operates regular sessions and specialty camps with an emphasis in specific medical conditions for a variety of ages.

Among the Wimberley members, even one of the students from the local Leos Club was there to volunteer their time and efforts. The group of adult Lions included in-coming 2023-2024 president, Frank Curtis.

Children who attend Texas Lions Camp all have some kind of qualifying physical disability, for instance type-1 diabetes, cancer, down syndrome, or amputation to name a few. While they are there, they learn that their limitations are not what defines them. They have the opportunity to try new activities with the accessibility to accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves. Besides the fun of camping, which is a totally new experience for some of the children, there is often an element of positive self-awareness to be gained.

For more information about the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, visit the website at www.lions

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