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Wimberley Lions Club Management



  • Recruit and retain members and schedule Orientation Meetings at least quarterly.

  • Ensure sponsors fulfill their responsibilities.

  • Keep up to date on attendance - call any member who misses two consecutive meetings to ascertain the reason for the absence.

  • Contact all members as needed and report results to the Board and follow-up on sick members status, including offers of help, as needed.

  • Responsible for Flowers & Memorials. Send e-mail/call BOD/membership of deaths.

Lion Development


  • Follow the activities of Lions in the Club.

  • Recommend improvements of procedures as needed.

  • Work with Membership and Attendance Committee for attendance records.

  • Recognize outstanding service.

  • Ensure grooming for future Club officers.

  • Recommend "Outstanding Lion" and present awards.

Benevolent Committee


  • Provide meals/visits/assistance to sick Lions as needed.

Public Relations


  • Obtain coverage of Club activities in local, Austin and San Antonio media.

  • Develop articles on Club activities and achievements and submit them to Lions Magazine for publication.

  • Prepare District Communiques when needed.



  • Develop and prepare the Field & Administrative Budgets and Accounts.

  • Present necessary updates, reports and modifications to the Board and membership.​​​​​​​

Risk Management & Safety


  • Identify possible accidental loss potential to the Wimberley Lions Club.

  • Develop programs to minimize or prevent those losses.

  • Analyze and recommend to the board means of financing risk.


Website Updates & Development


  • Update data on as changes are warranted.

  • Develop new Lions Central Database (LCD) to centralize all Lions data related to vendors, day leasing, membership, volunteers, Leo's, etc.

Constitution & By-Laws


  • Assure that the Club operates within the parameters of the International, State and Local constitutions and by-laws.

  • Recommend changes to the Constitution and by-laws as they become necessary.


Lion Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP)


  • Assure that guidelines are met regarding individual assistance to members in time of crisis, hardship or emergency and ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

  • Keep Board informed of totals of disbursements, but not names of recipients.


Lion of the Year


  • Following established procedure, committee members will be past recipients of the Lion of the Year Award. It will be chaired by the most recent winner for the next year.

  • Nominate at least three Lions for this award from the current membership.

  • Additional nominees may be made from the floor, however, nominees cannot be previous recipients of the award.


Long Range Planning


  • Consider a 5 year projection that includes examines these issues: What should be the focus of the Club's activities; Development of a Membership Retention Plan; Club activities & organizational structure.

  • As a minimum, consider the following areas: Buildings, Facilities, Location & Market Day; Community involvement; Lions District, State and International involvement.


Melvin Jones


  • Nominate deserving Lions from this Club as recipients of the Melvin Jones Award.

  • Only past recipients are eligible to participate on this committee.




  • This committee is chaired by the 1st Vice-President of the club.

  • A committee will be formed to prepare a slate of nominees for open positions for the upcoming year and presented to the membership.

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