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Lions Camp & Youth Programs:

LEO Programs


  • Work with youth of the community and maintain awareness of, and support for, other groups involved in youth activities.

  • Youth leadership workshop.

  • Work with the Wimberley LEO Clubs to provide direction and guidance as required.

  • Work with, and coordinate LEO activities with the District and State Chairperson.

 Peace Poster


  • Coordinate Peace Poster Contest annually.

  • Ensure Donation allocation is requested for prize money.

 Texas Lions Camp


  • Arrange trips for club members to visit camp.

  • Get speakers to represent camp at club meetings.

  • Assist with work week held at camp annually.

  • Assist with picnic held annually each summer.

 Youth Exchange

      The Wimberley Lions Club (WLC) Youth Exchange Program provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors at Wimberley High School and Katherine Ann Porter Charter School to travel abroad to experience a Lions International Youth Exchange Camp and a host family experience. Applications will be delivered to the two schools by October 1 with a deadline of November 6th at 12:00 noon. Students with complete applications are selected for interviews in early November.

      Students selected for the five (5) grant funded positions and other, non-grant students go through a rigorous orientation to the YE Program, starting in December, with expectations and instructions for completing the YE camp applications. Each student applicant selects three camps and must provide required documentation for their YE camp application. Applications to the YE camps are sent in February to the primary camp selection for each student. Once accepted to a camp, the YE student will have additional camp documents to complete. Grant funded students get their airline tickets funded up to $2000. Camp fees and other related fees (travel insurance, U.S. passport, etc.) are the responsibility of the YE student.

     The Lions International YE Camps in the northern hemisphere (Europe, Far East countries, etc.) operate in the Summer months (June through August). Southern hemisphere YE camps (e.g., New Zealand, Australia, etc.) occur during the Winter months (December, January, etc.). Returning Summer YE students have an opportunity to participate in a video interview and give a short report at the second WLC meeting in August.


  • Select the candidates for the Wimberley Lions Youth Exchange Program.

  • Coordinate selections with Multiple District Youth Exchange Chairperson.

  • Place selected candidates.

  • Find and select local families to host Youth from other countries.

  • Meets in October and early November. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory.



  • Select the students to be awarded scholarships.

  • Balance the academic scholarships program with the technology program.

  • Attend the mandatory meeting beginning in early May and continue until the selection process is completed.

  • Monitor the grades of the students on scholarship and take action to retain or drop, as required.

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