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Lions Camp & Youth Programs

LEO Program Duties:

  • Work with youth of the community and maintain awareness of, and support for, other groups involved in youth activities.

  • Conduct youth leadership workshops.

  • Work with the Wimberley LEO Clubs to provide direction and guidance as required.

  • Work with, and coordinate LEO activities with the District and State Chairperson.

Peace Poster Duties:

  • Coordinate Peace Poster Contest annually.

  • Ensure Donation allocation is requested for prize money.

Texas Lions Camp Duties:

  • Arrange trips for club members to visit camp.

  • Get speakers to represent camp at club meetings.

  • Assist with work week held at camp annually.

  • Assist with picnic held annually each summer.

Youth Exchange


  • Select the candidates for the Wimberley Lions Youth Exchange Program.

  • Coordinate selections with Multiple District Youth Exchange Chairperson.

  • Place selected candidates.

  • Find and select local families to host Youth from other countries.

  • Meets in October and early November. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory.




  • Select the students to be awarded scholarships.

  • Balance the academic scholarships program with the technology program.

  • Attend the mandatory meeting beginning in early May and continue until the selection process is completed.

  • Monitor the grades of the students on scholarship and take action to retain or drop, as required.​

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