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Market Day Management
Facilities & Buildings


  • Develop a plan and provide for any required new buildings and facilities at Lions Field.

  • Coordinate plans with the Finance and Budget Committee to insure that proposed projects are included in the annual budget.

  • Present proposed projects to the Board of Directors of Wimberley Lions International.

  • Monitor approved projects for timely completion within budget.


Market Day Ambassadors


  • Promote better communication with all MD Vendors by visiting them every month.

  • Distribute Monthly MD Newsletter.

  • Report maintenance requests to MD Management Team.

  • Document all problems and/or vendor issues and resolve.

  • Report complex issues to MD Management Team for resolution.

  • Attend quarterly Vendor Meetings.

Market Day Management


  • Manage all Market Day Operations.

  • Meet monthly to discuss issues, maintenance, budget status.

  • Prioritize projects, schedules, and staffing.


Market Day Marketing


  • Promote Market Days through all appropriate areas of the media.

  • Prepare Vendor Newsletter monthly.

  • Work with the web master at

  • Administer the Field Account Advertising Budget.

  • Must coordinate all activities with Market Day General Manager.

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