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Market Day Management

Although not technically a part of any Committee, all Wimberley Lions are expected to help out in some way with our main fundraising endeavor, Wimberley Market Day. It's a monthly event on about 20 acres with almost 500 vendor booths, concessions, parking, hauling, community volunteers, and music. It takes between 100 and 150 volunteers on the day of the event to keep things running smoothly. There are many things to do not only on "the day of", but all month long. Thinking about how you can help? We have lots of options!

Market Day Management Duties:

  • Manage all Market Day Operations.

  • Meet monthly to discuss issues, maintenance, budget status.

  • Prioritize projects, schedules, and staffing.

  • Report new projects to the Board.

Facilities & Buildings Duties:

  • Develop a plan and provide for any required new buildings and facilities at Lions Field.

  • Coordinate plans with the Finance and Budget Committee to insure that proposed projects are included in the annual budget.

  • Monitor approved projects for timely completion within budget.

Leasing Duties:

  • Maintain ownership records of all booths at Lions Field.

  • Manage Lions owned booths.

  • Communicate to vendors and approved vendors monthly updates.

  • Monitor vendor attendance.

  • Maintain and update annually Vendor Rules and monitor for violations.

  • Collect fees for leasing, annual rentals and monthly rentals and promptly remit and report all funds received to Finance.

  • Report results of operations each month to Board.

  • Review and approve new vendor requests.

  • Update as needed.

Purchasing and Distribution Duties:

Concession Manager Duties:

Parking Duties:

Hauling Duties:

Ambassadors Duties:

  • Promote better communication with all MD vendors by visiting them every Market Day.

  • Report maintenance requests to MD Management Team.

  • Document any vendor issues and work to resolve.

  • Report complex issues to MD Management Team for resolution.

Marketing Duties:

  • Promote Market Days through appropriate areas of the media.

  • Work with the web master to update

  • Administer the Field Account advertising budget.

  • Must coordinate all activities with Market Day General Manager.

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