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Historian Duties:

  • Research, document and retain historical facts of the activities and members of the Wimberley Lions Club.

  • Profile club founders.

  • Chronicle early days of club including Market Day.

  • Develop procedure for documenting club history.

  • Fill in accomplishment data into the defined procedure.

Lions Information & Newsletter Duties:

  • Evaluate other Lions clubs internet activity.

  • Periodically publish a Lions Information Newsletter summarizing Club activities, Market Day results and highlighting upcoming events.

  • Gather reports from officers and committee chairpersons.

  • Secretary reports monthly activity to LCI for District reporting.

Job Fair Committee List Duties:

  • Create, update, maintain and distribute the Member Committee List to the membership each year reflecting all members in each Committee via the Lions Central Database.

  • Ensure approval by Board and Committee Chairs in advance.

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